About Us

The Energy Forum is a collaboration between British Columbia power producers, industry associations, and non-government organizations that are working to address energy, climate, and ecosystem challenges.


The Energy Forum: An Industry-NGO Collaboration was first established in April 2011 as a collaborative dialogue process between representatives of Clean Energy BC (CEBC) and various BC environmental groups engaged in advocacy related to climate, energy and related environmental issues, such as individual project impacts and cumulative impacts of energy developments on freshwater and marine habitats and values. The dialogue process was intended as a vehicle for information sharing, for improving understanding of various perspectives on BC’s energy future, and for exploring opportunities for joint advocacy related to climate, energy and related environmental issues in the province.

The collaborative dialogue process has been ongoing since 2011, with main table meetings 3-4 times per year and various working groups. The work of the Energy Forum is coordinated by a Steering Committee made up of industry and NGO representatives, with process support from an independent facilitator.


The mandate of the Energy Forum is to facilitate information sharing related to climate, energy and related environmental issues in British Columbia, promote alignment among joint projects and initiatives related to these topics, and to facilitate joint advocacy related to climate, energy and environmental policy.


The Energy Forum is made up of representatives from BC’s independent power producing industry* and BC NGOs involved in advocacy related to climate and energy issues. Additional parties may be appointed as members of the Energy Forum in cases where their involvement might contribute significant relevant information, strengthen the constituency of support for renewable energy in BC, or otherwise benefit the collaborative dialogue process.

Membership of the Energy Forum requires:

  • A commitment to participate in good faith;
  • Formal, written endorsement of the Shared Principles for the Future of Energy in BC;
  • Active involvement in the activities of the Energy Forum, including regular attendance at meetings; and,
  • A commitment to support recommendations developed by the Energy Forum.

*Industry representatives include, CEBC, specific individual companies, and other groups.

Current members include:

NGO members:

Industry members:

Steering Committee

  • Alistair Howard, Boralex Inc.
  • Craig Orr, Watershed Watch
  • Jae Mather, Clean Energy BC
  • James Griffiths, Sea Breeze Power Corp / Form Power
  • Jeremy Moorhouse, Clean Energy Canada