Join Us

The Energy Forum welcomes opportunities to engage in discussions with other parties interested in joining as members. Additional parties may be considered as prospective members in cases where their involvement might contribute significant relevant information, strengthen the constituency of support for renewable energy in BC, or otherwise benefit the Energy Forum. The process of incorporating new members will be managed so as to avoid delays or disruption.


Any party proposing to join the Energy Forum must:

  • Demonstrate to the satisfaction of existing members their legitimate interest in renewable energy in BC;
  • Endorse the Shared Principles document;
  • Agree to comply with any membership criteria or other requirements set out in the Terms of Reference; and,
  • Assume responsibility for becoming fully informed regarding the scope of past discussions through the Energy Forum before they engage directly in discussions with other parties involved.


The process for inclusion of additional participants will be as follows:

  • Prospective members should submit a written request to the Steering Committee of the Energy Forum, providing background information on their organization and their rationale for participating as members.
  • All current members of the Energy Forum shall be advised that an additional party has indicated an interest in becoming a member.
  • Approval to join the Energy Forum will require a consensus decision of the Steering Committee.
  • Upon approval of a new member, the Steering Committee will arrange an in-person briefing/orientation meeting with the new member and will provide background documentation for review.
  • At the first opportunity, any new member of the Energy Forum will be invited to make a presentation at a ‘main table’ meeting.

To contact us, please email