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Letter to Premier Clark: “We have a carbon pollution problem”

June 21, 2016: The Energy Forum released an open letter urging Premier Christy Clark to deliver a Climate Leadership Plan that gets B.C. back on track to its legislated emissions target for 2050. The 16 companies and organizations behind the letter say the premier can do this by announcing a plan to implement all of the recommendations of her Climate Leadership Team. Between 2014 and 2030, B.C. is expected to have the highest emissions growth of any province when existing climate plans are taken into account. Meanwhile, carbon pollution in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec is expected to fall over the same period. “This is an opportunity for B.C. to regain its position as a Canadian and global climate leader,” the Energy Forum letter states. Acting on the Climate Leadership Team’s full package of recommendations would attract an additional $5 billion in renewable energy investment to B.C. over the next 10 years. The letter notes that support for the recommendations, which include increasing the carbon tax, is growing, with academics, business leaders and mayors adding their voices to the call. Read the press release here.

Letter to Premier on B.C. Climate Leadership Plan

February 15, 2016: The Energy Forum today released a letter to the Premier of British Columbia calling for an ambitious Climate Leadership Plan that transitions the province away from fossil fuels. The 17 B.C. power producers, industry associations and non-government organizations that signed the letter are supportive of the Climate Leadership Team’s recommendations — such as strengthening the carbon tax — and encourage the government to implement the whole package. Read the Energy Forum’s letter.

Call to Action on Energy and Climate

November 23, 2015: The Energy Forum today submitted a letter to the Premier of British Columbia calling for bold action on energy and climate. Over 146 companies, organizations, cities, First Nations and individuals—representing many diverse sectors of the economy—have endorsed the Energy Forum’s Call to Action on Energy and Climate, urging the Province to be ambitious in supporting the transition to a clean energy future in BC’s Climate Leadership Plan. Read the Energy Forum’s letter of transmittal and the full list of our endorsers here.

If you are interested in adding your name as a signatory to the Call to Action, you can find further details here.


Meetings & Working Groups

Energy Forum main table meetings are scheduled 3-4 times per year and are conducted under the Chatham House rule. Various working groups meet on an as-needed basis.

Public Forums

The Energy Forum convened a public forum on April 15, 2015 at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, entitled B.C.’s Liquefied Natural Gas Ambitions: An Energy Forum Public Dialogue. Speakers and panelists included:

  • Art Sterritt, Coastal Fiirst Nations
  • Karena Shaw, University of Victoria
  • Linda Nowlan, WWF Canada
  • Mark Grist, Fortis BC
  • Merran Smith, Clean Energy Canada
  • Paul Kariya, Clean Energy BC
  • Steve Davis, Steve Davis & Associates
  • Tom Syer, Business Council of BC

A recording of the event is now available as a Youtube playlist. Please check it out at


Representatives of the Energy Forum have provided policy briefings to a number of elected officials and senior bureaucrats in the Provincial Government, as well as representatives of opposition parties.

Op Eds

  • Alliances Will Bolster Climate and Energy Policy, Vancouver Sun, April 5, 2013
  • British Columbia is Ready to Lead the Transition to Clean Transportation, Vancouver Sun, April 7, 2014

Letters and Recommendations

The following letters have been prepared and submitted to decision makers on behalf of the Energy Forum or groups of its members: