A shared voice to promote better climate, energy and environmental policy and practices.

The Energy Forum is a collaboration of British Columbian power producers, industry associations, and non-government organizations that are working together to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the nexus of energy, climate and ecosystems. Our organizations share an interest in promoting environmental stewardship of healthy rivers and abundant salmon as an important means of enhancing social license and overall support for sustainable clean energy development in our Province.


LATEST NEWS: June 21, 2016. Today, the Energy Forum released an open letter urging Premier Christy Clark to deliver a Climate Leadership Plan that gets B.C. back on track to its legislated emissions target for 2050. The 16 companies and organizations behind the letter say the premier can do this by announcing a plan to implement all of the recommendations of her Climate Leadership Team. “This is an opportunity for B.C. to regain its position as a Canadian and global climate leader,” the Energy Forum letter states. Read the press release here.